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Vero Analysis tells you the story behind your business

What happened in the past is an interesting story gives you an insight of what might happen in the future, your numbers tell the stories behind your business performance. Vero Analysis is an eye opener to figure out your business potentials and where it stands and where it can go!

With Vero Analysis you will enjoy:

  • Affordable Prices
  • +100 Analytical Reports
  • Save Time & Effort
  • Accessiblity Anywhere & Anytime

Building Data Culture Move your metrics up

Unlock the power of your data and your people, A Data Culture is the collective behaviors and beliefs of people who value, practice, and encourage the use of data to improve decision-making. As a result, data is woven into the operations, mindset, and identity of an organization.

A Data Culture equips everyone in your organization with the insights they need to be truly data-driven, tackling your most complex business challenges. Vero Analysis is easy to use and helps you gain deeper data insigh about:



Explore Vero Analysis

Sales Analysis

+100 historical sales analysis reports to identify sales performance & patterns, used extensively in forecasting.

Automated Sales Forecast

Sales Forecast Automation for the next 12 months with just few clicks in a very dynamic and professional way

Automated Forecasted Income Statement & Cash Flow

Forecast up to the next 24 months, in a very dynamic way:
• Adding multiple revenues streams lines in (volume / value / price) bases
• Forecast your company cost of sales, sales and marketing expense and the general expenses using different methods:
1- Percentage of total revenues or a specific revenue stream
2- Cost per unit for total revenue quantities or a specific revenue quantity
3- Fixed repeating expense amount
4- Varying expense amount
• Apply collection terms for your revenues and payment terms for the expenses
• Upload your Actual Income Statement results and get a detailed variance analysis dashboard (Forecast versus Actual results)
• An auto generated Adjusted Income Statement is created automatically by the application, replacing forecasted months by actuals and keeping the coming months forecast to figure out what will be your company’s performance accordingly.
• Another auto generated Modified Income Statement is created automatically by the application, replacing forecasted months by actuals, but the user still can modify the coming forecasted months
• The application will keep the four income statements (Master Forecast / Actual / Adjusted Income and Modified)
• Based on the collections and payment terms, the application will generate forecasted cash flow, to have a clear vision of cash surplus or deficit on a monthly and accumulate base


how does Vero Analysis Works

how it's

collect data

Either through data uploading or integration with ERPs.

how it's


+100 sales analytical built in reports, saving your time & effort.

how it's


Automated Sales Forecast in a dynamic and professional way .


frequently asked questions

What are the objectives of Vero Analysis?

Conducting business performance analysis of the running business model and building a rigid financial business plan support top Management in getting a clear vision about the company performance. This improves the decision-making process and provides an eye opener about the corrective actions (if needed) and discover business potentials to support the future growth.

What Is Different About Vero Analysis?

The evolution of big data unlocks the information treasure about your business, Vero Analysis saves your time and effort, no need for analytical experts anymore, with the +100 reports built in analytical reports, you have a clear vision about your business performance.

Why Vero Analysis is important to me?

What ever your business size is, it becomes crucial to keep an eye over your results from different angles, also there is no need to be an expert in creating and presenting analytical reports, because all what you need is already there in Vero Analysis.

It Is all about Choose & Click

Many times when you approach a financial institution to get fund for your business and /or there is a potential investor out there, a hell of analysis is required by them, which always put management under pressure to fulfill these analysis within a limited time in a professional and representable way to enhance capturing the opportunity out there, no more worries with Vero Analysis all what you need is choose and click.



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